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Welcome to Lu-Hilson Residential AV
Residential AV Installation

Although the principles remain constant,
no two systems or installations are ever the same.

Understanding the challenge.
Looking for a professional installation service to bring your new AV equipment to life? Lu-Hilson Residential AV will install and commission your separates and explain how to get the best from them, ensuring you gain the full potential of your system.

The challenge is in making it work!
Lu-Hilson Residential AV offers a full home installation service, installing anything from a single LCDTV mounted on a bedroom wall, to bespoke Home Automation Solutions.

What’s in the box?
Current technologies include Home Cinema DTS 5.1 to 7.2 with multiple sources, HDMI devices such as SkyHD, PS3 and BluRay, composite and component devices including Wii and Xbox 360, Cable TV broadcasters Virgin, NTL and TUTV, FreeView and FreeSat, AVRs & PVRs, DVD, VCR, PCs, wireless media streaming and data over cat5e solutions.

The technologies and choices available today are as diverse as they are, on occasion, confusing.

Simplicity is the key!
Although able to provide equipment, Lu-Hilson Residential AV's core business is installation services. By approaching your system from an engineer’s point of view, Lu-Hilson Residential AV cuts through the techno babble with understandable solutions, options and choices.

What’s the angle?
As Lu-Hilson Residential AV do not sell products to the residential installations market - there are simply too many choices available – you can be confident that, whether it’s modulating and remodeling your channels, distributing your Multi-Room RF signal to additional rooms of your house, or providing projection and electric screen solutions to your Cinema Room, or, with the advent of full home automation control systems (AMX, Control4, Sonos Audio, ProCon, Lutron, Mode etc) lighting control, curtain closure, heating and comfort control, or simply programming your multi-device remote control, your solution will be offered with your requirements in mind… not commissions or margin!

The possibilities and potential are limited only by imagination.
What do you want your home to do for you? How much do you want to spend? Lu-Hilson Residential AV will advise, design and make it happen!

Speaker brackets and specialist cables (HDMI, VGA, Stereo Audio and Coax and Optical Audio, cat5e) are available from your Engineer at better than High Street prices.

If you install it properly today…

When retro-fitting (when First Fix is either no longer an option, or available), by far the most popular method of cable installation is Discreet Cabling. This technique hides cables in channels in the walls, through chimney breasts and under floorboards. Although more costly, labour intensive and messy, once finished your cables are completely invisible throughout and, ordinarily, this method is a one-time-only exercise, which allows for new technologies to be incorporated or changed as desired, without the need to change cables again.

Lu-Hilson Residential AV will protect your home whilst any work is carried out - and clean up afterwards! The finished results are always more desirable than other installation methods. You can rest assured Lu-Hilson Residential AV will leave you with a smooth finish which can either be wallpapered directly, or simply further filled to achieve a smooth, ready to paint finish.

   …it will look good forever!


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